Everyone Is In For A Treat From the Deals On Wheels


In the fashion of a modern-day circus caravan, the Amazon Treasure Truck drove up to Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and Dallas, and delighted residents of these cities.

This is the first time that it was seen outside of its hometown, Seattle, so you could just imagine the joy that everyone felt at the sight of the treasure-bearing vehicle.

Aside from spreading joy, visiting their customers’ neighbourhoods is Amazon’s way of gaining a deeper understanding of their lifestyles and interests. At the same time, they are happy to let non-online customers or first-time Amazon buyers have a taste of their best-sellers.

“At Treasure Truck, we hand-pick our favorite new, trending, local or delicious items, load them on the Truck, then cruise around town spreading joy for everyone with a smartphone and an appetite for fun,” Amazon said.

Like a true treasure chest, the truck carries large quantities of one or a couple of Amazon’s top-selling items as goes around the cities. Then it parks at a designated pickup point where customers can go to get their orders aka treasures.

It’s a daily surprise game

The deals on the Amazon Treasure Truck vary from day to day and are sold at a steep discount, like less than half of the original price.

That explains why it is highly anticipated, so much that people feel cheated when they don’t get to partake of the goods on-board it.

What’s stuffed in the truck is solely Amazon’s call, but if you’ve been selling on their marketplace and vying for the Buy Box for quite some time, perhaps you would know that they’re partial to high-quality products with low prices.

Those two factors always go hand in hand and have always been the selling point of Amazon.

Expect nothing but only the bestselling products of Amazon to make it to the treasure lorry. Whether you’re a fan of fashion wear and footwear, electronics and gadgets, fancy or gourmet dishes, you’re in for a treat.

Online shoppers can get anything from mouth-watering steaks and chargrilled salmon to fashionable clothes and must-have game consoles.

There’s no way of knowing what’s on the truck except by signing up to the Amazon mobile application. We are anticipating a rapid increase in the usage of the app, perhaps exceeding what it has achieved on Prime Day.

Where to next?

Amazon loves not only dishing out deals but also keeping everyone in suspense, wondering if the Treasure Truck will ever come to their place.

Although it’s currently rolling through the cities of the United States, word has been going around that London is likely to be included in its line-up.

Amazon folks were spotted there early this year looking for marketing and business managers; is that a telltale sign of wonderful things to come?

Do Your Clothes Affect Your Athletic Performance? Know More

What is that one thing that every athlete looks forward to achieving except his goals? It would obviously be that one which would enhance his ability to cross his own past record. Talking about the second half of the story, clothes definitely matter when it comes to performing your best with the aim of winning something. For example, a batsman would always focus on the stretch of his pants and the comfort of the arms to swing the bat. This way he would be beneficial for getting all the opportunity to run for the scores. Likewise, there are other athletes which focus on the selection of their outfits as well as their men’s underwear to keep themselves focused on the game rather than adjusting themselves in the middle.

This article talks about the reasons that throw light on the fact that your clothes affect the athletic performances.

Physical strength
What do you thing would athletes need the most in giving their best shot? It would certainly be the level of comfort for anyone. However, after comfort, it is the physical strength that athletes look forward to. There are minor differences between the different sports and if you miss your chance by a fraction of a second, you miss on the whole. Hence, the physical strength of the fabric and the sturdy of a style like men’s boxer brief underwear that would keep a strong grip on the legs as well as the manhood to safeguard his assets while indulging in the sporty activities.

Mental peace
Psychologically, if you aren’t mentally satisfied, you would never be able to give your best shot in any field. So, it is extremely important for you to feel mentally secure when you put your body at risk in activities like cycling, swimming, boxing, soccer, baseball and probably every game. For example, when you’re in the compression shorts or jockstrap underwear, the cup stays in place keeping everything supported without any movement. However, when there’s movement, you would keep adjusting the fit and won’t be able to focus on the same. You can even wear your good luck charm (any old t-shirt, shorts, etc.) to make sure that your mind stays at peace while you do your best.

The breathability
The next big thing that would seriously affect your performance would be the breathability factor. It is as simple as – if you breathe well, you’ll be comfortable and if you won’t, you won’t feel comfortable. Staying at the comfort level is something that every performer needs or else he will suffocate deep down. For example, the tank top you wear to workouts is generally made from fabrics like polyamide, polyester and even nylon which do not breathe at all. However, the cuts and vents made available are the features that make sure you do not get suffocated. Hence, breathability matters a lot and you need it when you are sweating so much and investing a lot of energy in something.

Appealing designs
You can go out on the field wearing something that certainly functional on the inside but doesn’t seem to look like one on the outside, it is still okay. However, if it supports but doesn’t look good on the outside, you need to think again before investing. After all, good looks make your personality more appealing on the outside. So, it would be great to make yourself feel pleasing by donning fashionable outfits.

Hence, there are many ways to which your clothes affect your functionality. Some of them are these.